Welcome to Plymouth Learning Partnership (PLP)

Apologies – The PTSA number 01752 785891 is not currently working, our provider is currently working on the issues but until the issues are fixed please use mobile numbers or emails to contact staff direct, or for general enquiries please email admin@plpcic.co.uk

Plymouth Learning Partnership (PLP) CIC is a co-operative, community interest company owned by its cross-phase member schools that provides school services across Plymouth and surrounding districts.

Our school members save money AND receive the highest quality provision of services. Whether maintained or a MAT, we support schools with highly acclaimed core service provision, recruitment and teacher supply. Designed, owned, used and endorsed by schools - PLP put schools first.

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Traded services we currently offer include:
Supply+ (our own supply teaching agency)
Property and Compliance service
Schools' finance officers
Schools' HR advice
The Schools' Post (an advertising and recruitment medium)