Welcome to Plymouth Learning Partnership (PLP)

Contact Information

We are still operating fully and providing all services to schools so please don't hesitate to make contact using the numbers below

If the person you need to contact is not listed below or for initial and general queries please contact Sharon Thomas tel: 07458 305006

Lisa Hartley:
tel: 07572 124470 email: lhartley@plpcic.co.uk

Andrew Young:
tel: 07445 982041 email: ayoung@plpcic.co.uk

Carl Challinor:
tel: 07772 687765 email: cchallinor@plpcic.co.uk

Chris Trumfield:
email: ctrumfield@plpcic.co.uk

Jon Couch:
tel: 07458 309378 email: jcouch@plpcic.co.uk

Lisa Johnson:
email: ljohnson@plpcic.co.uk

Paula Davies:
tel: 07557 894107 email: pdavies@plpcic.co.uk

Sharon Thomas:
email: sthomas@plpcic.co.uk

Steve Jones:
tel: 07518 923556 email: sjones@plpcic.co.uk

Sue Thompson:
tel: 07458 309398 email: sthompson@plpcic.co.uk

Supply Plus:
tel: 01752 784436 email: supplyplus@plpcic.co.uk

Will Roberts:
tel: 07458 309414 email: wroberts@plpcic.co.uk

About Us

Plymouth Learning Partnership (PLP) CIC is a co-operative, community interest company owned by its cross-phase member schools that provides school services across Plymouth and surrounding districts.

Our school members save money AND receive the highest quality provision of services. Whether maintained or a MAT, we support schools with highly acclaimed core service provision, recruitment and teacher supply. Designed, owned, used and endorsed by schools - PLP put schools first.

Read the SLA offering to see if we could be helping you as well...

Traded services we currently offer include:
Supply+ (our own supply teaching agency)
Property and Compliance service
Schools' finance officers
Schools' HR advice
The Schools' Post (an advertising and recruitment medium)
Meeting Rooms for full or half day hire